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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted & More

Have you found yourself working long hard hours and rarely
taking time out for yourself, your family, your life?

At Exceptional Events, we want to help you have the once-in-a-lifetime experience
you want and deserve.
It may never feel like the right time, but if not now, when?

If you’re looking for that one wow-inducing experience that will continue to
impress & amaze everyone for years to come, look no further.

Make your next special occasion REALLY special!
Have an Exceptional Event Experience.

What Have We Got For You This January?

Leave The Luxury Details To Us

We don’t just ‘plan parties’ or ‘organise events’… oh no!
Exceptional Events strives to create a thoroughly luxurious experience for every client from the
moment we’re commissioned through the immediate aftermath of the main event itself.

Sure, we take on the task of event design, planning and management, hiring and overseeing 3rd party suppliers,
venues and production companies as needed… but we also arrange for Luxury travel, accommodation and
dozens of other little luxuries that will enhance every aspect of our clients’ experiences.

For every event we plan, we offer a highly bespoke, personalised list of ‘Luxury Enhancing Additions’.
These are suggested optional ‘extras’ which, we believe, suit the needs of each individual client.

The list may include anything from pre-event personal shopping days, makeovers and
health and wellness coaching to post-event home cleaning services and the gourmet stocking
of our clients’ kitchens so that no one has to suffer the indignity of returning home
from a destination experience to an empty refrigerator.

Every enhancement, every client meeting and every minute detail of our clients’ events are thoughtfully planned
and designed to make the entire Exceptional Event experience as Luxurious as possible.

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Would you enjoy having our creative input, expertise and a glimpse at our Little Black Book to help achieve
the perfect event or luxury lifestyle? Get In Touch now for a half day or full day consultation.

Do you desire the full complement of what we offer so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy every moment
of your personal bespoke luxury experience? Get In Touch now to begin the planning process.


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